Game Editor Manual Chapter 3

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Games List

After successfully logging in, the editor presents a window with a list of all games associated with your account:
game list
The list control consists of three columns - the name of the game, the game's PIN code, and the game's access state (Accessible / Locked / Published).

The following commands are located beneath the list control:

select button
Opens the currently selected game for editing. Same as double clicking an item in the list control.
new button
Creates a new game. Enter a name for your game and select an initial game template.
clone button
Creates a new game with the same content as the currently selected game.
merge button
Merges two or more selected games into a single one.
rename button
Renames the selected game.
state cycle button
Toggles the access state of the selected games between Accessible and Locked. Locked games can't be downloaded and tested on the phone, but they can still be modified with the game editor.
publish button
Sets the game's access state to Published. A published game can't be modified or deleted and may be listed on the game's DLC web page.
delete button
Deletes the currently selected games. This operation is final and can't be undone.

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