Known Issues

iOS Devices:
Android Devices:
  1. Black screen problem
    After the game is paused and resumed (because of a phone call, app switch or when the player returns to the game after accessing the in-game browser) the display turns completely black. The game continues to run and reacts to user inputs.
    Affected devices:
    Currently only reported on one older Alcatel One Touch phone running Android 4.1.
    Cause of the problem:
    The black screen seems to be caused by the ad banner shown on the top of the screen.
    Purchasing the 'No Ads' in app purchase removes the ad and makes the issue go away. Another workaround is to press the 'Home' button to leave the game, press the 'Menu' button to show the list of active apps and remove DotUpDot from the list. That removes the game from the device's memory. Starting the game again will make it come up at the same location you left it when you pressed the 'Home' button.
    Send us an email if you encounter the problem on another device. Please include the phone model and the Android version running on the device.